Dental Implant OC


A BioTemps® Implant Provisional provides all the benefits of a traditional BioTemps crown, serving as a natural-looking temporary at any stage of implant treatment. It also serves a variety of functions beyond interim aesthetics that can be critical to the long-term success of an implant case.

BioTemps are designed to fit passively over healing areas, helping to prevent micro movement of the implant and any associated bone grafts, shielding against occlusal stresses during osseointegration. BioTemps further serve to shape the soft tissue during the maturation phase, preparing margins, contours, papilla, and sulcus for the optimal emergence profile. While helping to establish the health and shape of the soft tissues, a BioTemps provisional serves as a working prototype, allowing every aspect of form, fit and function to be evaluated in the patient's mouth prior to the design and delivery of the final restoration. Adjustments can easily be made chairside.

Information is taken from Glidewell website: