“After sixty two years, of brushing and flossing, it wasn’t enough. There was obvious wear and tear and a friend recommended I come and see Dr. Brooks Morgan at The Dental Implant Center. I made an appointment, I walked in, and I sat down in the chair and announced that I wanted a movie star smile. Six months later they had it accomplished. I am extremely happy with my treatment and the results. Thank you Dr. Morgan!”
Rober Miller, patient 
“Before I got the dental implants my denture (would) just fall out. I had nothing to hold (them) in, I had no bone. I couldn’t bend over & talk to anybody, they’d fall out, I had to put my hand over my mouth so they didn’t. Also my uppers, they didn’t fit in either. So I had a terrible-terrible time and then my mouth would get sore, they would pinch inside my mouth, and it would hurt. The teeth come out; they hurt, and sometimes I wouldn’t talk because I didn’t want to (put my hand over my mouth), so I didn’t talk very much like I do now. Right now I could talk up a storm. And I love my implants!”
Pearl E. Owen, patient